Correction and Retraction

Syntax Imperatif : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan dan Sosial is responsible for maintaining the integrity and completeness of our content scientific record for all users. Changes to articles after they have been published online may only be made in the circumstances described below. Syntax Imperatif : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan dan Sosial places great importance on article authority once published and our policies are based on best practices in the academic publishing community.

Revocation will be carried out if the paper is considered not in accordance with the policies of the Syntax Imperatif : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan dan Sosial or the paper is submitted for plagiarism against other articles. To protect the integrity of records, retracted articles are not removed from the online journal, but a notice of retraction is provided, freely available to all readers, and linked to the retracted article. Revocations may be issued by authors when they have discovered a substantial scientific error; in other cases, the Editor or Publisher may conclude that the revocation is appropriate. In all cases, the revocation indicates the reason for the action and who is responsible for the decision. If the revocation is carried out without the unanimous consent of the author, it is also noted. In rare and extreme cases involving violations of the law, Publishers may edit or delete articles. Bibliographic information about articles will be retained to ensure the integrity of the scientific record.

Publisher's Note notifies readers that the article has been corrected after publication. It is issued by the Publisher and is used in cases where a typo or production error (which is the Publisher's fault) affects the integrity of the article's metadata (such as the title, author list or byline) or will significantly affect the reader's ability to understand the article. The original article was removed and replaced with an improved version. Publisher's Notes is available free of charge to all readers. Minor errors that do not affect the metadata integrity or the reader's ability to understand the article and which do not involve scientific errors or omissions will be corrected at the discretion of the Publisher.

In such case, the original article is deleted and replaced with the corrected article. Authors should also be aware that original articles can only be removed and replaced with corrected versions less than 1 week after publication.